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RevelocPLUS – Blastzone warnings

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  • Based on user drawn or dynamically loaded geofences, RevelocPLUS will initiate the transmission of a text based or pre-recorded voice message to any radio fitted vehicle the enters the blast zone.
  • Any radio entering an active blast zone will trigger a text based or pre-recorded voice message back to the intruding person or vehicle.
  • Received messages can request that the operator entering the zone acknowledges the warning with a return message or PTT voice acknowledgement.
  • Email or SDS alerts created from the database can be sent to blast superintendents to warn when vehicles are still in the blast zone before firing.

RevelocPLUS is a suite of complementary applications that leverage your existing radio infrastructure to enhance service delivery and provide:

R.    Reduced operational complexity

O.    Optimised asset performance

I.     Improved safety

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