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RevelocPLUS – Network Diagnosis Tools

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Preventative Maintenance

This provides the ability to monitor the terminals performance, and flag when performance starts to degrade. When the radio passes through a special RSSI geofence, the performance figures are captured and logged.  These figures are stored in a database and can later be extracted, graphed and analysed to detect a downward trend in signal strength which may indicate a potential fault.

Air Interface Viewer

This shows radio uplink and downlink levels, neighbour cell info and cell handovers based on an on site survey using a standard GPS enabled digital radio as the test tool.

Heat Mapping

The uplink and downlink signal strength for terminals active on the network are displayed.  This can be selected for a specific area of interest, or a group of terminals. This provides an indication of current and historic network coverage.

Node Coverage Analysis

Generates a KML exportable grid layer colour coded by the actual, average RSSI values for a given time / place. This can be produced on a per node or whole site basis and can be filtered on radio type (eg. performing a mobile only analysis).

Node Sector Analysis

Taking the terminals performance data, including the information regarding neighbour cells, the node coverage can be plotted, and the overlap between nodes can be seen.  This is useful to determine site coverage, and optimise terminal handover.

KPI Analysis

This tool is configured to client needs – it can monitor and report the number of individual and group calls per node, per shift, per radio group etc., and then provide metrics for further analysis.  This allows for the network operation to be modified to prevent congestion and modify undisciplined operator behaviour.

RevelocPLUS is a suite of complementary applications that leverage your existing radio infrastructure to enhance service delivery and provide:

R.    Reduced operational complexity

O.    Optimised asset performance

I.     Improved safety

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