RevelocPLUS – Speed Alerts

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RevelocPlus provides two forms of speed alerting:

  1. An across the board threshold that allows a maximum to be set and monitored for each unit and
  2. a more refined approach that combines a geofence with a two-tiered alerting system. A typical example would see a warning sent back directly to the driver when a lower threshold was exceeded and a complementary notification being sent to a supervisor if an upper threshold is breached.

RevelocPLUS is a suite of complementary applications that leverage your existing radio infrastructure to enhance service delivery and provide:

R.    Reduced operational complexity

O.    Optimised asset performance

I.     Improved safety

Contact Radlink experts today and check out these leading edge products in our RevelocPLUS suite:

  1. Blast Zone Warnings
  2. Emergency Management by Zone
  3. Channel Assist
  4. RevPreStart
  5. RevWeatherWatch
  6. RevelocPLUS Network Diagnosis Tools