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Radlink can design and install complex, multiscreen control consoles for remote ops centres and dispatch facilities.

When you’re in the business of finding, mining and processing materials from the earth – the last thing you want to be worrying about is your communication efforts. It can be difficult to maintain an open and constant line of communication between on-site works and the management team at Head Office. However, with IP-based technology, real-time data can be instantly delivered to Decision Makers in an organization, regardless of their proximity to the work-site.

Using a Radio Interface Unit (RIU) allows you to connect radio handsets and terminals with a range of other users:

  • The whole mine site workforce
  • From operations control to the mine face
  • From paramedics to the public utilities control room
  • From the mine manager to the head office
  • From a field supervisor to his team
  • From a haul pack driver to the excavator operator loading his vehicle

The RIU can connect you to your radios, PTT phone, mobile phone or company PBX.

The RIU’s supplied by Radlink are extremely easy to configure. Using an intuitive web interface, users have access to all of the advanced facilities of the RIU.