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We design systems which can be managed remotely if desired so that there is no disruption to the solar, battery and AC power supplies. Then we can monitor from afar the battery and fuel levels, solar charging status and generator status, and set up general alarms for low-level failures from building management.

1. Rectifiers

We use two types of rectifiers:

  • AC to DC – 48v DC
  • DC to DC – 12 or 24 or 48 DC

2. Solar regulators

Are used for converting incoming DC solar power for use by radios and repeaters.

3. Inverters

Converts DC  back to AC for remotely managed servers and air-conditioners and large RBS.

4. Generators

We can offer an autostart solution and monitor fuel levels through a  power management system. Generators range from 1 – 50 KVa