SCADA networks

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At Radlink, we understand that communication reliability, security and data quality are an essential to the performance of your telemetry and SCADA systems. From standalone HMIs, through to enterprise-level control systems, Radlink can provide for all your communication needs.

Radlink has extensive experience implementing telemetry and SCADA solutions using a variety of industry standard devices including our own BVR5000 controller.

The benefits of a well-designed telemetry and SCADA system include:

  • Increased asset utilisation
  • Reduction in operational expenditure
  • Consistency of data and quality of data

Radlink is able to provide the following services

  • SCADA and Telemetry Communication network design, installation, support and maintenance
  • SCADA system design, installation, support and maintenance
  • System integration services and ability to integrate disparate systems
  • Technical consultancy services