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Digital Two Way Radio Systems


Digital two-way radio solutions to help you communicate effectively

Radlink Communications offers a wide range of digital radios.  Contact us today to find out more.
Our digital two-way radio solutions include:


TETRA two-way radio systems are the digital radio standard for critical communications. TETRA provides a high-end solution for small private systems up to large public networks, while preserving the characteristics and advantages of private land mobile radio systems, such as fast call set-up, group calls, and direct mode communication.

  • P25

P25 was developed as a standard for digital two-way radio communications in North America primarily for use by public law enforcement and safety agencies. It enables them to communicate with other agencies and response teams in emergencies and is still the main radio standard used in the USA and Canada today.

  • LTE

Contact any one of our offices in Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide or Emerald. New copy due shortly.


RADLINK | AUSTRALIA’S TETRA EXPERTS Radlink has been at the forefront of TETRA in Australia and designed WA’s first

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THE NORTH AMERICAN PUBLIC SAFETY STANDARD Project 25 (P25) is a North American set of radio communication standards draw

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DIGITAL MOBILE RADIO DMR is a relatively new digital radio standard created for professional mobile radio users and deve

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TRUSTED, STRAIGHTFORWARD AND EASY TO USE Analogue radio been around since the 1940s and was traditionally the primary co

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May 2017: fresh LTE copy coming very soon.

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Consoles and systems

Radlink can design and install complex, multiscreen control consoles for remote ops centres and dispatch facilities. Whe

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