Chief Executive Officer

Stuart Palmer has been in the company since 2013 and has been involved in the communications industry since his army days at Army Apprentices College in Harrogate, UK. Stuart has many qualifications including an MBA and PMP.

Managing Director

Jim Reid has been in the company since 2007. Jim trained as an electronics and radio technician with the Australian Army. Since 1998, Jim has been working on commercial radio systems within the resources, government and transport sectors.

Projects Director

Scott Manson has been involved in radio communications since his training in the Australian Army beginning in 1986. Since 1990, Scott has been working in various project management positions on radio systems infrastructure and subscriber radios. Scott has worked extensively in the resources sector, including mining and oil and gas where he was involved in the upgrades and additions to the Hamersley Iron and Robe River Voice Rail Communications Systems from 1992 to 1999.

Scott’s project delivery skills have seen him deploy numerous digital radio systems including P25, TETRA, and DMR solutions. He has been involved in the design, supply, installation and commissioning of all of Radlink completed and delivered TETRA systems and has engineered the Radlink TETRA radio system.

Rental Manager

David Moran has 20 years experience in the radio communications industry, primarily in the rental radio market. He has managed one of the largest two-way radio rental fleets in WA, which incorporated designing specific solutions for customers.

David’s strengths within Radlink provides rental access for all our customers as well as managing and updating Radlink Communications’ fleet of portable analogue and digital radios. Radlink Communications has over 2000 radios in its rental fleet on sites ranging from mine sites to oil and gas platforms to private security firms.

Man fixing a piece of Radlink equipment with a screwdriver