Industrial Security Systems/CCTV

The creation of a safe and secure work environment for employees is an obligation our customers take seriously. By implementing a high-quality, robust and well-managed security system, coupled with clear business guidelines and behavioural management policies, organisations can reduce their incident rates significantly and ensure they remain compliant with industry expectations and best practice.

Radlink proudly holds company security agent licencing and employs trained and certified Solution Designers and licenced Security Installers. Radlink has successfully implemented many robust and reliable physical security systems including gates, alert call points and physical controls, along with the installation of suites of cameras, networking infrastructure and enterprise-level control rooms to provide data-driven evidence in the case of any security or policy breach – even in remote harsh environments.

Our work towards attaining ISO 27001 accreditation, together with our extensive communications experience, enables us to be considered trusted advisors and implementation partners in the areas of:

  • Enterprise CCTV solutions and integration
  • Consultancy for security systems & supporting network infrastructure
  • Ruggedised hardware for harsh environments.