Wherever our clients require installations, whether it’s in the city or hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town, we can install new radios, systems and infrastructure ensuring fast, effective and reliable operational readiness.

Our field technicians, engineers and electricians are trained to work safely at heights and across multiple industrial environments, including open and underground mines, processing plants and tunnels. 

Radlink has years of experience in providing high quality vehicular installations to meet client needs and follow client HSEQ protocols and industry best practice. We have teams of qualified technicians who configure and install radios, antennas and accessories onto a wide range of vehicles including:

  • Heavy vehicles
  • Light vehicles
  • Small medium equipment
  • All-terrain vehicles
  • Locomotives


  • Consultation to determine the client’s requirements and the most cost-effective solution to meet their needs
  • Design documentation, user publications and end-user training
  • Site infrastructure, technology, power and end-user installations
  • System acceptance testing and commissioning
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance and support to meet our clients’ needs and budgets