Radlink can provide semi-permanent and easily relocatable communications solutions. Everything from shipping container style shelters, skids and trailers utilising a large range of primary power solutions including solar, lithium, generators and even wind. Sensitive equipment and power solutions are housed inside climate-controlled huts and cabinetry with items like solar and antennas mounted onboard or adjacent. The skids and shelters can be rapidly deployed and operational within hours and are largely self-contained with no permanent infrastructure required. This opens up options and flexibility for shifting terrain and allows technology to keep up with fast-paced production. 


Our transportable communication bases or nodes are also useful for a range of coverage needs including during the normal production cycle of a mine to eliminate communications blackspots as the mine’s profile changes. When a mine pit changes shape or depth, it can affect line-of-sight radio communications. But strategically-positioned communication trailers, transportable shelters or skids can keep communications paths open – and personnel operating safely. Similarly, when a bushfire or other national disaster impacts communications infrastructure for emergency services or other community needs, keeping equipment mobile assists in getting communications restored quickly.


Radlink’s communications huts, skids and transportable shelters can be built to cyclone standards, so your radio network will continue to provide vital communications even during extreme weather conditions. Radlink has deployed many different solutions to withstand tough conditions and is rated to varying cyclone areas from region A to D with engineering and RPEQ certification on request.